All of our teachers have the knowledge and skill required to run safe and invigorating capoeira classes.


Pimenta (Katherine Haber, rank: graduado)

Kids' Capoeira
Mommy/Daddy and Me Capoeira

'Pimenta,' has been a capoeirista since 2009. She began her studies under Mestre Batata in Los Angeles.  She likes to refer to capoeira as her 'martial arts soul food' because it offers expedient fun and reward in the form of overall health and community.  

503-928-2595  l  kateahaber@gmail.com

Josef Haber Flying Tortoise Kung Fu.jpg

Professor Santo (Josef Haber- Founder)

Capo Fit
Kids' Capoeira
Kung Fu (see flyingtortoise.org)

'Professor Santo' met Mestre Batata in 2002 and was immediately taken by how he seamlessly blended the beauty and combat elements of the art.  In the 13 years since Josef has been devoted to Capoeira Besouro he has taught classes in Mestre Batata's academy, The Inosanto Academy, The Source academy, as well as numerous colleges and elementary schools. Under Mestre Batata, Professor Santo was employed by the non profit Ginga Arts to teach capoeira to kids in inner city Los Angeles who didn't have access to Physical Education.

503-880-5537 l capoeirajoey@yahoo.com