Capoeira Besouro Oregon
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Capoeira Besouro Oregon
A Brazilian martial art studio in the heart of Portland

Capoeira: The most joyful martial art


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Our Fall Kids’ Batizado is October 20th! This will be a small event primarily consisting of a school wide Roda and Belting Ceremony. Colored “points” will be tied on current belts and those who do not have a belt will have the option to receive one. Please visit our Flying Tortoise page linked with the button above for info and pricing.

If you wish to receive your first belt, we need to know by October 8th.

 Professor Santo and Pimenta are growing their family!

In case you haven’t been to the studio in a while, Pimenta is growing noticeably large! She plans to teach until Prof. Santo returns from Beijing in October. He will then take over his and Pimenta’s classes. Pimenta is due to give birth in early November. Our plan is for Prof. Santo to cover the capoeira classes. Should our schedule change we will post it here as well as email the studio.


 Capoeira Besouro Batizado 2018 (PDX)

Capoeira Besouro Batizado 2018 (PDX)

 Sister school: Capoeira Besouro Hawaii

Sister school: Capoeira Besouro Hawaii

 Sister school Capoeira Besouro Los Angeles Batizado 2012

Sister school Capoeira Besouro Los Angeles Batizado 2012


$15 — Single Class
$130 — 10 Class Card
$90 — Monthly Unlimited
$220 —20 Class Card *for families with 2 or more students

Uniform: A Capoeira Besouro t-shirt ($20) is required after your first 4 weeks of class.  

Top 10 Health Benefits of Capoeira

  1. Stress Relief: Hear the bright afro-brazilian music and engage in blood pumping cooperative exercize!  There are few better ways to release those feel-good endorphins.

  2. Cardio: Capoeira uses the entire body in dynamic, stabalizing and explosive movements.  It wind even seasoned athletes! Guru Dan Inosanto tells his workshop attendees that he no longer runs much- he does capoeira instead! (Guru Dan learned capoeira from Professor Santo and Mestre Batata) 

  3. Strength: The dynamic, stabilizing and explosive movements that define capoeira occur standing upright, with 4 points of contact on the ground, in inversions like handstands and moving through these positions! Capoeira builds the small stabalizing muscles around the knees, core and other joints as well as the larger muscle groups like glutes, quads, paraspinals, abdominals and triceps.

  4. Flexibility: Capoeira strengthens your body in a thorough manner. It trains expansive sweeping kicks, flexible ground evasions and can generate power through phenomenal centripetal force.   This open new ranges of movement in your hips, spine and shoulders.

  5. Metabolism: The constantly moving stance and the nature of the art burns phenomenal amounts of calories.  Regular practice of capoeira improves your metabolism and 

  6. Local Community: Capoeira is the friendliest martial art on the planet.  It is warm like it's country of origin, Brazil.  By joining a capoeira group you become a member of a family. Capoeira events are attended by people from your city, far away states and even other countries. 

  7. Live Authentically: Capoeira games challenge your stamina, strategy and emotions. The deeper into the game you go, the more you learn about yourself.  These skills give you confidence and are easily applied in your day to day life.

  8. Music: No matter how poor your sense of pitch or rhythm is, your contribution to the music is valued.  Everyone learns the Portuguese call and response songs and eventually develops skill on the pandeiro, atabaque, and berimbau.

  9. Culture: Capoeira's familial structure is firmly rooted in its origin cultures of Africa and Brazil.  There is no cookie cutter dojo in capoeira.  Familial lines and and social support drive relationships between capoeira schools and much cross pollination occurs. Martial art, music, Portuguese language, food and celebration are all part of capoeira.

  10. Global Community:  With your capoeira skills you can attend classes in any country in the world and forge friendships despite language barriers.  It's truly rewarding and a great way to anchor your travels.


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